Sanitation & Recycling

The City of Tekoa contracts with an outside waste management company for solid waste collection and recycling. Everyone within the community is required to have garbage collection, and all residential customers are billed $1/mo. toward cardboard recycling.  The recycling bin for cardboard is located at Tekoa City Hall, 419 N. Washington Street.  All cardboard needs to be flattened.  Please do not put trash in this bin!  Thank you.

Most trash and debris, when properly bundled and/or contained properly, can be disposed of curbside with your regular garbage service days. If assistance is needed or you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We can arrange special pick-up for bulky items such as refrigerators and mattresses for a fee.


Contact Info

DonNell Ellsworth
Deputy City Clerk/Treasurer
419 N. Washington St
Tekoa, WA 99033